Site Introduction and Welcome

 Site Introduction and Welcome

Thanks for stopping by today, please enjoy the Site Introduction and Welcome.  This blog is for us to connect and share life experiences.  You name it we will talk about it.  The magazine style allows the flexibility to post varied bits of information that isn’t limited to one topic. Before you get started though, please read the Site Wide Disclaimer. and Welcome
All We Need Is Love, Love Is All We Need…the Beatles

These words are from an old Beatles song, called, “All you need is love.”  If you would like the rest of the words, you can find them here:

We all need a little lot of love.  Hopefully something we write touches a nerve in you, or someone else, and we get lots of loving comments– now then, there’s a discussion!

 Honesty and Integrity

You are welcome to comment on anything on this blog, as long as you keep your language clean.  I welcome all comments that will make our blog better.  I am honest and forthcoming with you about things that I see in this crazy, mixed up, world we live in today.   My style is to make light of the weirdness, terrorism, and all out meanness going on all around us.  Sometimes people don’t appreciate my style of making light of a bad situation, but I have to do it, or else I would cry all the time.

My aim is to create a discussion forum so all views get proper representation, no matter what the topic! Sometimes I just say things to try to get you emotional (all worked up) so you will give me your opinion.

Maybe we can all open our eyes up to new and different ideas.  It isn’t expected that you will change your beliefs, my plan  is to educate you, by calling attention to some one else’s beliefs.  What you do with the information is up to you. Just for the record, I don’t always agree with the topics and beliefs I am writing about either.

Then again, if you like or agree with what I say, maybe you will change your way of thinking.  A girl can hope can’t she?  Hey it’s my opinion, and if I don’t like my own opinion, who in the devil will? You never know, you could convince me to change my mind, heck, who knows, stranger things have happened!

But know that I am older than dirt, and these crazy thoughts are pretty ingrained in this ol’ noggin of mine.  It might be pretty hard for you to convince me!  My beliefs are not your beliefs, so if my ideas don’t work for you, just ignore them, or better yet, tell me about it!  Send me some comments, ” let’s get this party started,” (well at least let’s get this discussion started).

Posting Your Thoughts–Your Way

I don’t know why you wouldn’t want people to know what you believe in,  but your opinions belong to you and nobody else, it’s not my decision to make, it’s yours. If you  want, you can give your opinions, by sending an email to me at  I guarantee you I will not give your information to anyone else to use for any (illicit or other) purposes.  If it’s okay to post your opinion, but you want identifying information removed, tell me that in your email.  I will post your opinion, only.

Or, you can post your own ideas, by filling out the comment form, as long as you don’t need identifying information removed.

Broadening My Horizons

My goal with this website is to gain insight into other ways of thinking, and to expand my own horizons.  If you think you can educate me in a convincing way, ” Please have at it,  I’m all ears!”  I have been in the public safety business for a long time.   So just remember, “Anything you say, can and will be held against you,”  in the discussions we have later! Just kidding, I hope you will contact me and we can have some nice, calm, spicy-hot discussions!  LOL, LMAO, and all those other alphabets that mean I am just teasing!  I do a lot of that, but it doesn’t always come across as teasing, my husband says I am the worst teaser and  joke teller he has ever seen.  For years, I have had to tell my students,”That’s a joke, you can laugh now!”

Have a wonderful day, and let’s get together soon, send a message to me!

Later Gator!

Sassy “MiMi” Sandy Sue

Updated 10/18/2016